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Signum is a trading name of
Summit Manufacturing PTY LTD.

Environmental Initiatives

SIGNUM strives to build upon its reputation as the supplier of choice for sustainable products through:

Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Power usage and minimisation;
  • Water consumption, recycling and discharge; 
  • Efficient air conditioning controls; 
  • Recycling of all scrap waste from all divisions;
  • Paper and corrugated carton recycling; 
  • Optimising transport and logistics.

Post Consumer Recycling - PCR

  • Signum utilises PCR in all our products. We have achieved a 35% RE-PET content achieved for many thermoformed products;
  • Direct environmental benefits in reducing landfill and energy to dispose of waste.

Renewable Resources

  • SIGNUM’s technical expertise in extrusion and thermoforming is being deployed to expand capability across renewable substrates and polymers;
  • SIGNUM is has capability and experience in the specific technical requirements for manufacturing sustainable products using a variety of bioplastic materials, including plantic and PLA.

National Packaging Covenant 

  • SIGNUM is a founding signatory to Australia’s  National Packaging Covenant (NPC) and proactively initiates cooperation between all sectors of the packaging chain to minimise the environmental impacts of consumer packaging waste;
  • PET is the most recycled polymer in the world so by purchasing SIGNUM’s sustainable products, the objectives of the NPC are supported with broader protection of the environment and natural resources for future generations.

Click here to download Signum's 2008-2009 NPC Action Plan

Click here to download Signum's Action Plan 2011 - 2016

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