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Message from the General Manager


Fresh new look for Signum 

31 March 2010


Signum has a proud history of providing thermoformed packaging solutions to the food service industry. Over the last 70 years, our company has developed into a leading supplier of environmentally responsible and innovative packaging that contains recycled PET content (post consumer recyclate PCR). In 2008/2009, we used nearly 1,000 tonnes of this in our manufacturing processes which means that 28% of our total PET usage was from PCR. This platform not only reduces our reliance on virgin materials but lowers our life cycle greenhouse gas emissions as well.

To better reflect this offering, we felt it was time to give the business a fresh new look. Our new branding communicates the environmental philosophy which underpins our operations, our future focus and our commitment to invest in state of the art equipment and new technologies to support this vision.

Over the coming months, we will be rolling out the new branding across the business, including our website. The address will remain the same ( but please note that all employee emails will be transferred to a revised address,, effective immediately. A diversion from the old address will be put in place for four months to give you time to update your files.

As we embark on this next phase of our business, I thank our customers and suppliers for their support and look forward to working with you in the future.


Eric Kjestrup

General Manager

 The Southern Cross Packaging Design Awards is a national packaging competition for tertiary students of design. In 2008, SIGNUM sponsored the Food/Beverage Packaging Award where students were asked to design packaging for an item that would be available from a quick serve restaurant or for in-car dining. The Gold Award winner was Tom Baker from the University of New South Wales with his innovative and thoughtful design of packaging for fresh salad eating on the go, called "Quick Fresh Salad". Congratulations Tom! Congratulations also go to Katelyn Hankinson from the QLD College of Art, Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus for her "Subweight" design and to Ryan Margheriti from Chisholm Institute, VIC for his "Pakman" design. Thank you for your efforts and good luck in your future endeavours.


SIGNUM is the proud recipient of an award for their contribution to innovation within the McDonalds Global Network, which was presented during McDonalds' Asia conference in Thailand in 2006.

During Perseco's regional supplier symposium held in Singapore in December 2007, SIGNUM achieved global benchmark status for supply of sundae cups made from RE-PET.

Arnott's and SIGNUM are deliberately and successfully improving on the sustainability of the Arnott's packaging, and this entry is another surge forward. They have converted almost 1000 tonnes of biscuit trays from non-recyclable polystyrene to recyclable PET. This has not only taken great stress from landfill, but has created a demand and a market for recycled PET. Arnott's uses up to 300 tones of post-consumer recyclate and the same amount of post-industrial recyclate per year. That's real, tangible sustainability.