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Signum is a trading name of
Summit Manufacturing PTY LTD.

Welcome to SIGNUM

SIGNUM is a leading supplier of environmentally sustainable products made from a suite of recycled and bioplastic materials, including RE-PET, Plantic, Natureworks PLA and a range of other polymers.
We have a 70 year history of innovation and introducing leading edge technology to meet the packaging demands of our customers.

Our philosophy is to set and then beat the benchmark in environmentally responsible packaging. We regard recycling as the start of our manufacturing process - not the end. We have built our capability around extruding and thermoforming from recycled resins.

SIGNUM has achieved a 35% RE - PET content in all of our packaging within Australia and our packaging is approved to food quality standards. Australia’s leading food companies such as Woolworths, Arnott’s, Cadbury Schweppes, Sara Lee and Dairy Farmers are already supported by SIGNUM.

When next you visit a McDonald’s store enjoy your Sundae, Smoothie or Frappe knowing that it is made from crystal clear, RE-PET with at least 35% PCR (Post Consumer Recycling) content. McDonalds Australia and New Zealand are the first company in the world to specify that all plastic cold cups are made from RE-PET.

Enjoy this introduction to SIGNUM and please Contact Us if we can help you as well.